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Our Services


      It is possible to borrow home most books of the library holdings. The loan service is provided on the 3rd floor. Non-fiction books are freely accessible on the 3rd floor, fiction can be find on the 5th floor. Books from this open access cannot be ordered via online catalogue. Other books are stored in depositories directly in the library or in a distant building. You have to order them via online catalogue. If you do keep your books beyond the date due for return, and do not renew them, you will have to pay a charge (click on Fees and Charges).

      If the book you want is lent to another reader, you can reserve the title yourself through the on-line catalogue. This service is free of charge.

      If you want to keep a book longer, and it is not wanted by someone else, you can renew it through the on-line catalogue.

      A part of the library collections is placed out of the main library building, therefore some documents are not available immediately. You can see the information about the time of delivery in the on-line catalogue.



      If we do not have an item you wish to use, we will try to obtain a loan or a photocopy for you from another library within the Czech Republic or abroad. Requests are accepted at the desk on the 5th floor (click on Fees and Charges).



      On your request we prepare a list of relevant information sources. Request forms and other information about the service can be obtained at the desk on the 5th floor.

      Requests for literature searches are also accepted by mail, e-mail or online .The term of delivery depends on extent of the search and will be fixed individually.



      The Library offers an access to a wide range of bibliographic, full-text and regional databases and other sources on the Internet and CD-ROMs. Searching is free of charge and librarians are happy to help you. You can also visit courses for users and master searching yourself. Databases are available in the reading room on the 5th floor. In addition, registered readers have remote access to following databases: EBSCOhost, Anopress, PressReader, Bookport and SpringerLink. For more information click here.



      The Library offers copying services, and is happy to supply copies of material from its collections. There may, however, be occasions when material cannot be copied - or cannot be copied in certain ways - due to copyright restrictions or the need to protect the collections from wear and tear.

      There are self-service multifunction machines on the 3rd, 4th and 5th floor used for photocopying, scanning images and printing. The machines are operated by chip library cards. The cards have to be registered into the system and you have to add credit to your account at the desk on the 4th floor or on the self-service machine on the 3rd floor.

      We are ready to make more extensive or complicated orders for you ourselves. Click on Fees and Charges.



      The Library provides access to a wide range of information resources. For more information click on click here. Information and reference services are open to everyone and you do not have to be a library member to use them. We have a basic collection of information and reference books for you to consult and offer access to information sources on CD-ROMs and the Internet. Librarians answer your enquiries and help you to find relevant information in databases and other information sources that are available in the reading room on the 5th floor. Telephone enquiries are accepted on +420 494 946 243. You can also send your information enquiry to our post address - Studijní a vědecká knihovna, Hradecká 1250, 500 03 Hradec Králové - or to our e-mail address - You can fill in the form "Ask your library" as well - click here, please.

      Even if we do not have the information you need we can usually approach another organisation, library or information service which may be able to help.



      Free Internet access via wireless network

      Only registered users can connect to the Internet via wireless network SVKHK-Hoste that is accessible in study rooms on the 4th and 5th floors and in the gallery U Přívozu. You need your own device. To log in to the wireless network use the number of your library card and the same password as when entering the catalogue. We don't offer any technical support. Please mail your enquiries or comments to

      Free Internet access from computers all over the library

      Registered users can connect to the Internet all over the library except for terminals on stands and several computers in the reading room on the 5th floor. To log in to the Internet use the number of your library card and the same password as when entering the catalogue.

      Don´t forget to logout of Internet after finishing your session. It is necessary to close the Internet explorer.

      Users are not allowed to view erotic or pornographic pages.

      All Internet usage is monitored and data are stored for strictly necessary time.

      The library is not responsible for files downloaded from the Internet, especially if they contain a virus.

      Users are allowed to save the information and files found on the Internet on floppy disks, USB flash drives or CD-R/RW.

      Users can print the information and files found on the Internet. Self-service reprographic facilities (intended for copying, printing, scanning) can be used only by holders of a valid reader card (chip card). It is necessary to have this card registered into the SafeQ system and add credit to your account. You can add credit to your account at the desk on the 4th floor or use the self service device on the 3rd floor.

      Unregistered visitors and wheelchair users can use internet on the 1st floor. Printing or saving files is not possible there.

      No staff assistance is provided.



      A set of Microsoft Office applications is available in reading rooms on the 4th and 5th floor.